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Content Portal

ContentPortal.NET is more than just a content management system. It is built on top of Umbraco CMS but has been extended heavily.

The biggest difference of ContentPortal.NET compared to the other traditional CMS is that it also acts as an application portal. Basically through the backend client can choose which business application to install and they can use it straight away.

For example, Company A would like to install a newsletter management application. They can login to the portal back-end and install newsletter management application. The application is then loaded within the back-end and client can start using it.

The same application is shared with the other clients except the data is unique. Therefore, when it comes to software update, Small Business Hosting needs to deploy the once and every client will get the latest and updated application.

ClientPortal.NET comes with any website that is developed by Small Business Hosting.

On the left you can find the various modules that have been developed for Content Portal.

Below are some screenshots of ContentPortal.NET.

Manage website content all from one location



Manage images and media files all in one location



Access business applications all in one location



MS Word-like content editor