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Small Business Hosting has been found since 2005. Small Business Hosting's vision is to help small businesses to have an online presence. When it was first found, its initial service was simply to provide hosting. However as time went by, Small Business Hosting expanded its wings.

Small Business Hosting does not want to be just an "another bloke on the block" that does hosting. Instead, they want to be a total web solution provider for small businesses. Therefore, if you are a small business and you need a solution for  your business to run more efficiently (e.g. implementing a shopping cart system to manage clients and orders, implementing extranet to collaborate on documents with clients, etc), then Small Business Hosting is the one to contact.

Small Business Hosting IS ONLY focusing on web technologies because Small Business Hosting has a huge belief that WEB is the future and will allow people and devices to be mobile.

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Small Business Hosting consists of team members who are expert in WEB and its technologies. Although we are not a Microsoft shop (i.e. providing only Microsoft-based solutions), but all of Small Business Hosting's team members hold at least Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification. 

Small Business Hosting simply does not tolerate mediocrity and will only work with experts to ensure the delivery of excellent work to client.